Hi, I'm Lastly. I'm 29. I use they/them pronouns. I write fanfic that you can find on Ao3. I do speedruns that you can find on Youtube or on Twitch. I spend too much time on twitter. I've got a big ol' list of video games I've played on Backloggd. And a shorter list of movies I've watched on Letterboxd. I'm anticop, antifacist, anticapitalist, and generally very far left.

I like writing about things and I am usually very longwinded so I wanted a place to put out my thoughts. This is that place. A place where you can read my thoughts. Expect mostly video games and movies but I may also talk about anime, manga, books, or maybe even some music.

Why is this called Internet Superhighway Offramp? I thought it was funny. It's actually just kinda bad. But I think it fits the 'Web 2.0' aesthetic neocities is going for.

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